Dance and think…

With his first album, “Le nombril du monde” (2009), Daniel ROA took us on a foray into his spirited musical universe, seasoned with lyrics stamped with intelligence, humour, and candor. The album was rewarded with a Western Canadian Music Award – Album francophone in 2009, as well as a Trille Or Award – Artiste de l’Ouest canadien par excellence in 2011. With exceptional musicians by his side, he has toured extensively across Canada, in Switzerland, and in France, meanwhile making time to write scores for theatre and engaging in studio recordings as a free-lance musician.

HYPERBOLE, his second album, is even more promising! For his new material, Daniel has created a manifesto based on two simple principles: Dance & Pense (Think) (also the title of the first song on the new CD). Dance stands for the groove, the ubiquitous energy and delight that explain Daniel’s great love affair with music and his dynamic presence on stage. Think is for the twinkle in his eye, the muse, the play on words, the wild side of poetry, and, of course, the obvious display of wit and intelligence in his clever lyrics. ROA is pure POP songwriting in all its originality and splendor!!!

No topic is taboo for Daniel: the illusions that society gobbles up and churns out unstintingly, the archaic premises guiding our political discourse, certain parts of our anatomy (a surprise in store), the juicy elements in our big-city sewers, his infatuation with dictionaries and language, and of course, the twists on love that only artists know how to turn into song. ROA moves us to take a fresh look at the world with all its wretchedness and beauty.

In this search for lightness, Daniel ROA invites us to join him. He is well on his way, but the journey is far from over. HYPERBOLE promises to take us further and farther, in profound and beautiful ways.