Paroles – Popsicle (English version)

paroles et musique : Daniel Roy

I dropped the needle on some ol’ school funk
Got me thinkin’ ‘bout the days of my childhood
When I was innocent and free and I never woulda thunk
That the kids weren’t safe in my neighborhood
Now I’m a little bit older, a little bit wiser
But I still get the wool pulled over my eyes
The world’s gotten smaller and my neighborhood’s bigger
And I watch my back when I go… for a…

Popsicle… Got to have my…

There’s no more walkin’ to the corner store
Where they had two flavors, and that was enough
Since the big box squish, that ain’t no more
Now makin’ a choice has gotten really tough
I take the healthy kind with natural flave
But the fine print says corn and tartrazine
Do my sugar-coated tastes make me a slave
Shackled to a glossy magazine

Pop-sick-ill… Got to have my…

Good thing I had to buy the family size
To share with my peeps and the homeless folk
I could be the next one sleepin’ outside
The bank owns my ass, and that’s no joke
But who owns the bank? Who prints the bills?
Who puts the crap on the signs and the teletube?
Who’s got my friends all junkin’ on pills?
And who’s got us peddlin’ for the Bilderberg dude?

Pop-sickle… WAIT UP$#@!?!

We measure our wealth by the stuff we have
Buy our security by building walls
Fear thy neighbor but covet his life
I say screw this! s’ time we get some balls
You wanna be free? Then sing it loud
You wanna be free? Then grow your own
You wanna be free and not alone in the crowd
Then suck on a popsicle and fuck the Dow Jones

Popsicle… Index Give some to the…